PowerSmart 40V Leaf Blower. Wow, Just Wow.

PowerSmart 40V Leaf Blower. Wow, Just Wow.

I’ve owned 2 cordless electric leaf blowers over the past 10 years. While I found them to have a use, the idea of trying to blow the entire yard with them wasn’t on that list.
Well, It looks like tech has caught up with the idea of an electric blower. This is every bit as powerful as a hand held gas unit. I am impressed!

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Hey guys it's Eric here at farpoint Check it out today we're going to be Taking a look at this it's the Power Smart 40 volt cordless blower right deep In the middle of leaf blowing season and The guys from powersmart were kind Enough to send this my way to check out And I'm kind of curious so I have uh the Ryobi 18 volt cordless blower it's good For blowing off porches and and walkways And I also have a snap fresh one that's 20 volt both those are like super Lightweight now Technology's moving Along and of course volt shoes are Moving up so I'm really curious with This 40 volt system if we're looking at A more equal to a gas blower and so That's what I'm going to find out today With you guys But first let's go ahead and unbox this Thing and I'll let you know how setup is I haven't really had a chance to do a Ton of research on this Because I wasn't expecting it Um in a couple weeks you'll see what I Was expecting from them but they decided To send this my way as well which is Really neat Well certainly right out of the gate It's a lot bigger Than the Ryobi or the snap brush so That's kind of cool wow that battery Weighs good bit too okay so here's our Main unit and uh yeah it's Stout there's

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Our blower part there And a pretty good sized fan in that This is probably going to be our charger I imagine Yep nice charger here This must be our battery And it's a big battery I'm impressed With the size of that battery though so I wonder how many amp hours it is Uh Wow I have 40 volts so cool set that aside And then the attachments here for our Blower snap into place looks like if I Can snap them There we go kind of lock in once you get Them set up There you go so that's pretty nice And then the battery hooks into the Bottom here Thank you Yeah nice uh size and weight is very Comparable to a handheld blower like a Gas blower so Weight Wise I would say With the battery is pretty darn close Maybe a few pounds lighter now it's the Moment of truth let's go outside and Let's see how well this very large Power Smart 40 volt blower compared to how Well it does because clearly playing With a little bit more power and a Little bit more fan Cfms or whatever it's called how the Measurement of air is then then the

Ryobi type tool let's do it well here we Are outside with a lot of leaves so I'm Going to start by blowing here on the Gravel and then we'll move the camera Down really heavy heavy amount of leaves On the grass so curious of course even Not even a gas blower is going to get That amount of leaves up off of the Grass but it's interesting to see just How well the two compare let's do it All right Foreign Part of this test is done and here's What I can tell you right now this thing Is much quieter than a gas engine blower In in every way that I can think of That's a good thing because even if at My age where I'm very very deaf Especially in the left ear this thing is So noticeably quieter I imagine that you Probably don't need to wear ear Protection probably still should wear Your protection with something like this But decibel wise is probably half if not A third of what a gas engine is going to Sound like as far as the way it blows Well it's actually done a really really Good job here on the dry stuff taken all The driveway and blowing all those Leaves onto the grass really impressive A lot better than the 18 volt Ryobi or The snap fresh that I have now let's Move to the grass and see how well it Handles trying to get those leaves out

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Of when they're kind of intertwined with The DraStic Foreign Well clearly this thing is up to the Task I mean this is a direct replacement For a gas powered leaf blower in my Opinion there are no limitations that I Can think of other than run time but With a battery this large and with this Much capacity I would say you're looking At probably roughly the equivalent of a Tank of gas on a conventional Four-stroke or two-stroke I should say Leaf blower I guess that'll do it for Today I'll leave a link where you can Get this thing and I'm impressed I like It and thanks again to the folks from Powersmart for sending it my way this Will be something we can hang on to Because it's starting right cool like I'm I'm really impressed until next time My friends take care

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